LG-Ericsson utser Martin Wiktorin till ny CEO


Efter Ericssons utökade ägarandel i LG-Ericsson sker nu några förändringar i ledningen, se stycket från LG-Ericsson längre ner. Trotts Ericssons ökande inflytande planeras inga affärsstrategiska förändringar utan grundinriktningen kommer vara densamma. Från LG-Ericsson PLM och R&D meddelas dock att LG-Ericsson ska satsa mer på molnbaserade lösningar och applikationer.

LG-Ericsson Names Martin Wiktorin CEO

LG-Ericsson held a Board of Directors meeting on April 9th and announced the appointment of Martin Wiktorin as new CEO, effective April 9th.

CEO Wiktorin served as vice president for System Solutions in Ericsson China for many years, after leading Radio Systems Business in Ericsson Eastern Europe. He then moved to Ericsson Headquarter in Sweden, overseeing the Mobile Switching Business. In 2010, Wiktorin joined LG-Ericsson as Joint Representative Director (JRD) / Chief Strategic Officer (CSO). He has worked in China for over 9 years, demonstrating leadership in marketing and sales for Northeast Asian region. CEO Wiktorin, having assumed responsibilities as JRD and CSO for LG-Ericsson for the past two years, has made constant efforts to build strong, credible relationship with customers, such as telecom operators, and partners as well as employees. He has a philosophy, “leadership by listening” and places emphasis in communication and close relationship, as exemplified in having regular, informal communications platform with the employees. Martin Wiktorin joined Ericsson in 1994 after gaining a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering at Lulea University of Technology, Sweden.

Meanwhile, LG-Ericsson’s Board of Directors has also newly named Sanghoon Koo as JRD and CFO (Chief Financial Officer), LG Electronics’ former CFO for CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) region, and Keun Lee as COO (Chief Operating Officer), LG-Ericsson’s former Head of Carrier Networks Division.