Nytt produktblad för IP-DECT (GDC-800)


Ericsson-LG har tagit fram ett nytt produktblad för IP-DECT (GDC-800) med diverse matnyttig information. Detta och övriga produktblad finns på sidan Broschyrer.

Full Featured and Cost Effective IP DECT Solution, iPECS GDC-800H

Ericsson-LG Enterprise provides a new and cost effective business IP DECT solution with rich DECT features for both enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses.

Integrated SIP IP DECT solution

Business IP DECT solutions shouldn’t cost too much for not only small and medium sized but also enterprise business. Ericsson-LG Enterprise has developed the IP DECT solution architecture best affordable for SMB and enterprise. Ericsson-LG Enterprise has integrated business SIP IP DECT solution with its industry leading IP-PBX, that is, iP-ECS-CM and iPECS-LIK call platforms. So users can simply choose the scale of IP DECT solution only by attaching optimally designed IP DECT components...